About Us


About Us

TASK4 provide professionally integrated security services to businesses, operationsand assets throughout the UK.

Meeting the demands of security services in a rapidly changing and developing economy, our team deliver excellence to our customers with professionalism and clarity in a range of industries including corporate, events and hospitalist, construction and rail, private and public.

With a team of professionally trained and rigorously checked operatives, we provide man power with carefully planned and delivered security services to individuals, facilities and businesses. We have a wealth of experience working across a diverse range of industries to provide tailor-made support to meet the unique needs of each client we work with. This includes preparation, training of all security personnel on each operation we undertake, and maintenance of security solutions to meet your changing needs.

Our Mission

To build a stronger infrastructure within the UK security industry by integrating an effective solution that is financial and practical. Uphold and deliver the core values of the SIA with professionalism and integrity.